Aphyosemion australi (orange)

Aphyosemion australi (orange) is probably one of the most popular killifish for fish keepers. Interestingly enough, the species has nothing to do with Australia, and is native to Africa. It is easy to maintain, and its orange/golden colors are very attractive to see in a planted aquarium. Often called “orange” due to its coloration, Aphyosemion austrail will be a great addition to a community tank. Of course, it is always a good idea not to put it together with bigger fish. “Orange” is also relatively easy to breed as well. A family of “orange” can be kept in just a 2 gallon aquarium. It will lay eggs on mops (usually made from polyester yarn in dark green colors) or more naturally on the plants.

. After collection, the eggs’ incubation time is about 2-3 weeks in most cases in water. Hatched fry should be kept in a small tank and will need to be fed with baby brine shrimp. I usually put a snail in the same tank to ensure that leftovers will be eaten and that the tank will be clean. Grown “orange” should be given frozen or live food, as it usually will not consume dry kinds. In addition to “orange” there are different strains of Aphyosemion australi available in a hobby including “chocolate” and several nature strains, The breeding and the keeping is similar to “orange”.

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